What to do next?

Well post 1 seemed to go ok, so what next? I need to find an identity for this blog. Some of you may follow my wife (www.susankmann.co.uk) and her multi-personality blog, should mine do that?

I have read her posts, mainly because I have to and the one that sticks in my mind is To blog or Not to blog. Why will I do it and what do I expect to happen with this blogging malarkey?

My first post was done weeks ago, it started off as writing down how I was feeling and then became something more personal. I then bought my domain name on a whim as I was looking to test something work related. It then all kind of slotted together and I went for it. I had put a brave front on how I was feeling and frankly it was becoming tiring to continue with it. I used the post to let my friends, colleagues and strangers know how I was really feeling and to be honest I could almost feel the difference. I no longer have to hide the pain that I am in while standing up. People now knew that when I looked tired it wasn’t because I had been out late. If there are other PVFS/CFS/ME sufferers out there that are bottling it up inside then I suggest you find some way to let people know how you are feeling and where you are physically, mentally and emotionally.

I don’t know what to expect from this, it might even be something that becomes dormant very quickly. At the moment though, it is somewhere for me to ramble on and Susan doesn’t have to listen to it.

I would also like to thank everyone who read my first post and took the time to comment either on the blog or on facebook. This is for my friend Ian Mcgowan and not for anyone under the age of 18 tatas.


  1. Excellent second post. I will always listen you know that. I think it is good you have somewhere to vent and ramble. hmmmm nice photo :) x

  2. You are such a good writer. I think you are right, sharing does help, no matter the subject.
    Don't get the pic but I guess thats the point lol

  3. I hear it can take a while to find your voice on a blog, but if you stick at it, you'll be knocking them out in minutes.

    Chances are your 'voice' will decide you find it easier to talk about something you didn't plan on. Key is to look out for things that amuse, annoy or affect you and write about them.