The “what to do now”?

In the last couple of weeks two friends from my American Football days have decided that they want to have a break from the game and allow their bodies to rest, within a few minutes of announcing it to others via Facebook the first question that they ask was “What do I do now?”
Well they are lucky that they can choose something to do next, as there are a few people that have to stop playing the game that we love through injury.  As is always the case with people who have played the game for many years it would also be a shame for them to be lost from the game in this country as it could do with the support.  I don’t blame them from cutting all ties though; they are both young enough to get drawn back into the sport when the team needs a couple of “bodies” for training and before you know it you are back kitted up come game day.  Also becoming an official is not for everyone.  They do a fantastic job and it’s a rare sport that when a player gets told something there is very little backchat but you need to have the correct mentality for it and that is not something that everyone can get taught.
So we get onto what I have done next.  Well last year, I did very little.  I had the onset of the illness, coupled with my Dads heart Op.  Also raising 2 children has its own challengesJ.  Now however I am very much into online gaming.  I know what you are thinking, I am in a dark room with a wizards hat on but it’s not quite like that anymore.  I am playing PS3 and Xbox.  Basically this is what I do now as my hobby.  Like every hobby you need to invest some time, effort and money.  The money side of it was aided slightly thanks to following @frugalgaming on twitter.  This in turn got me onto the website  I used this to get my Hard disk for my Xbox cheap and also other bits and pieces.  At the turn of the year I decided to join the forum and take part in one of their gaming night.  I was expecting a group of guys with the reflexes of a cat and to stand no chance at all.  This turned out not to be the case, well not with them all.  Since then I have taken part in a couple of more nights and really enjoy them.
This might turn out to be another one of my passing whims but for the moment I am at least finding “what to do now”

Gluten Alternatives

“Gluten free Alternatives” or I like to call them “money syphoning food” has something that I have had to look into over the past few months.  Most of this type of food is found in a ¼ of an Aisle in the supermarket; normally beside the bread that you can’t eat (yeah rub my nose in it).  The gluten free bread is probably the biggest rip-off I can imagine.  I know that bread pretty much increases every month and now costs about £1.25 a loaf.  For this you can choose white, brown, multigrain, crust less, the list goes on and you will get about 18 decent slices of bread.  I wish I had that choice, for my £2+ I can get white or brown, tiny sized loafs of bread.  It all tastes like it has made 2 weeks ago.  I know that the only real difference in the making is the flour as has made me a loaf in the bread maker only using Gluten free flour.  So as you can imagine Bread is not something that I am taking any pleasure in eating.  Pasta on the other hand is different.  Supermarkets seem to have actually cared about this.  Ok its twice the price but at least it tastes, looks and cooks like pasta.  However the main thing that I was missing in my diet was sausages.  Yeah you know those things that are made of meat.  Ok we know they have some “padding” but even the 100% beef seem not to be gluten free, does that make these sausages over 100% are they super-sausages?  Well anyway I have managed to find a couple of alternatives.  Asda do both a fresh and Frozen selection of Gluten free sausages, these are displayed as exactly that.  Sainsbury’s are a little different.  I have managed to find them but that is only through picking up every packet and looking at their allergy advice. No this doesn’t make me a sausage handler. Finally are my good friends at M&S.  They maybe have the best selection of all because they try and use non gluten products in as much of their food as they can.  I compliment them for this

So anyway that about sums it up.  There are alternatives out there; the problem is trying to find them.  I wish supermarkets had more food available, I wish food manufactures didn’t load there food with crap but at least some try.

If anyone stubbles over this and want to know what I have found in my list of alternatives then please leave a comment


Its been a while

Hello strangers,

Sorry it has been so long.  I started the blog off with full intentions of keeping it going but I had no real idea on what to do with it once I had started.  I used it initially to reveal to people how I was feeling trying to cope with my CFS/ME but I didn't want it to be all doom and gloom.

I have made it a New Years resolution to get more bloging done as I find it useful to vent out, even if no one else reads it, it will be a good way for me to get things off my chest.

So a brief catchup.  Last July after a particular bad spell of "pay back"  I was doing some research into CFS/ME online and found an interesting statement.  Test have shown that over 50% of people who have been diagnosed with CFS/ME also have a food allergy.  So I decided that I would give it a go and see if there was anything that would help.  The initial 2 week diet cuts out pretty much everything.  Food was made up of a small selection of Veg and Lamb or Chicken.  I had already cut our caffeine and was only drinking water at the time anyway.

After the 2 weeks I was to introduce something back into the diet, you are meant to introduce dairy first but I only eat cheese so I went with wheat.  I had a sandwich for my lunch this was followed, within an hour, by stomach cramps and a trip to the toilet.  I put it down to the change of diet.  That night I had pasta and was again soon making a visit to the toilet.  After a few days it then became clear that I had an intollerance to Gluten.  It then became a job of changing my day to day diet and finding replacements.

Given that I am not as mobile as I once was I am playing PS3 and now Xbox more.  I am mostly playing COD Black Ops with juniouramo.  If anyone reading this wants to add me I am mannny44 on PSN and mannymann44 on XBL

My next post will be about the replacements that I have found from the gluten free range.

Cheers and hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year