The “what to do now”?

In the last couple of weeks two friends from my American Football days have decided that they want to have a break from the game and allow their bodies to rest, within a few minutes of announcing it to others via Facebook the first question that they ask was “What do I do now?”
Well they are lucky that they can choose something to do next, as there are a few people that have to stop playing the game that we love through injury.  As is always the case with people who have played the game for many years it would also be a shame for them to be lost from the game in this country as it could do with the support.  I don’t blame them from cutting all ties though; they are both young enough to get drawn back into the sport when the team needs a couple of “bodies” for training and before you know it you are back kitted up come game day.  Also becoming an official is not for everyone.  They do a fantastic job and it’s a rare sport that when a player gets told something there is very little backchat but you need to have the correct mentality for it and that is not something that everyone can get taught.
So we get onto what I have done next.  Well last year, I did very little.  I had the onset of the illness, coupled with my Dads heart Op.  Also raising 2 children has its own challengesJ.  Now however I am very much into online gaming.  I know what you are thinking, I am in a dark room with a wizards hat on but it’s not quite like that anymore.  I am playing PS3 and Xbox.  Basically this is what I do now as my hobby.  Like every hobby you need to invest some time, effort and money.  The money side of it was aided slightly thanks to following @frugalgaming on twitter.  This in turn got me onto the website  I used this to get my Hard disk for my Xbox cheap and also other bits and pieces.  At the turn of the year I decided to join the forum and take part in one of their gaming night.  I was expecting a group of guys with the reflexes of a cat and to stand no chance at all.  This turned out not to be the case, well not with them all.  Since then I have taken part in a couple of more nights and really enjoy them.
This might turn out to be another one of my passing whims but for the moment I am at least finding “what to do now”


  1. I wish you had more options available to you but you'll get there. I know you enjoy it and have fun so thats the main thing. Love you x

  2. Great post buddy, I really like blogs with a more personal element.

    Thanks for helping out on the games nights, they are a great way of escaping real life stuff!

    Keep the blog posts coming


  3. Wish I could join you online and we could pretend we were only wee again.....problem is I don't play games anymore....soon as I started working it seemed to be that games just couldn't hold my attention. It's a real shame as games these days look awesome! I envy you and your game loving time! Enjoy!