Not just Kids get Active

Lucas has been playing football now for over 2 years.  When he was 2 we took to him Pro Soccer Mini’s at Stamperland Church every Saturday morning.  At Pro Soccer Mini’s he learnt the basics of football, passing, shooting heading and the likes.  It was really good and he seemed to really enjoy it.  However as he was getting slightly older he no longer wanted to do things just as an individual.  He wanted to play football rather than just practise football.  However the difficult part is finding a football team that takes in 4 year olds.
His best friend from nursery had managed to find a team, so when it started back after the Christmas holidays we took him up.  Most football teams are from 5 years up.  This team is for 4-7 year olds and is run by 2 guys who have past the appropriate SFA qualifications to coach at that level.  It also turns out that the secretary of the team is a girl I went to school with.
The first week he went there were 12 kids there, however obviously word had got around and as the weeks went past there were more and more kids turning up.  Then a couple of weeks ago, one of the coaches asked on Facebook if someone could help him out on the Saturday.  With a rush of blood to my head I told him I would do it.  As the week went on I was starting to regret it a little but on the Saturday I turned up with my stuff in a bag as I didn’t want to look like a tool.  So I helped out and I have to admit it was great fun.  I helped out again the following week and I have told them that if they ever need anyone to help then I would be more than happy.
I have done coaching in the past, mainly with American Football and coaching kids is by far the best.  They have much more fun playing sport and they don’t have any backchat either.
The whole experience has taught me one thing; I am very much out of shape

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  1. You are great at it. I'm proud of you for doing it. With all the pain and everything you're in it takes guts to take on something physical like that. Way to go. Lucas was telling me he likes you helping out. Xxx