Happy times

Well last night I managed my first game of 5 a sides in almost 5 years.  It is also my first exercise since being diagnosed with ME/CFS almost 18 months ago.

Today as I recover I cast my mind back to my first post about the aches and pains of Football.  I have a smile on my face. I can honestly say that 18 months ago, even 9 months ago, I would never be doing anything like this again.  However I managed the hour and I am raring to go for next week.

I have to put this down 100% to the diet.  Eliminating gluten from my diet has been the best thing I have done.  It has its drawbacks but given how I have been feeling in recent months it gives me the motivation to continue.

All I need now is to get some fitness and to find a place that does takeaway gluten free pizza, surely that’s not too much to ask J

A little respect

On Wednesday night I witnessed one of the worst games of “football” that I have seen for many years.  I am a Rangers fan and I was shocked at the lack of Discipline by the team I support.  I also found the actions of both teams managers a bit of a joke.

However there was one thing about the game that really annoyed me.  Sasa Papac, the Rangers defender headed the ball off the line in the build up to the only goal.  Straight away you could tell that he was in some distress.  He then lay on the ground for a few minutes and was eventually stretchered off the field.  This was met by cheering and waving “cheerio” by the Celtic fans.  As someone who has played American Football for many years, you learn to act humble and show respect when someone gets hurt.  This did happen at the game but as we all know you are judged by the minority and not the majority.

This annoyed me but the following day, the day you expect a bit of banter, was when it really hit home to me the small mindedness of the West of Scotland.  I had a “debate” with someone who had initially mocked the injury, only to remove the joke when the rumours were circulating that he may have broken his neck.  His reply was “When I thought it was just a concussion I put the joke up but when I heard that it may be a broken neck I took it down, that shows respect”  For the record here is what a Concussion is.

I then had the usual chat in work about the game.  I took all the slagging’s I was getting and to be fair I would also have been dishing it out if it was the other way round.  I then brought up the thing that has been irking me for the last few hours.  This then brought out an expression from someone who I believed to be a well-educated, broadminded person “well if it happened, it happened”.  This statement made my face twitch with anger.  It was quickly backtracked into something else but I was too busy shouting my disgust to hear exactly what was said.  This is someone who I would have expected something more from.

Basically Wednesday night and the aftermath has made me embarrassed to be an Old Firm fan,  the views of some on both sides of the divide typify everything that is wrong with Scottish football.  I just hope that I manage to sway my 2 boys to any other sport where respect to other players and match officials are the norm and not unusual