Happy times

Well last night I managed my first game of 5 a sides in almost 5 years.  It is also my first exercise since being diagnosed with ME/CFS almost 18 months ago.

Today as I recover I cast my mind back to my first post about the aches and pains of Football.  I have a smile on my face. I can honestly say that 18 months ago, even 9 months ago, I would never be doing anything like this again.  However I managed the hour and I am raring to go for next week.

I have to put this down 100% to the diet.  Eliminating gluten from my diet has been the best thing I have done.  It has its drawbacks but given how I have been feeling in recent months it gives me the motivation to continue.

All I need now is to get some fitness and to find a place that does takeaway gluten free pizza, surely that’s not too much to ask J

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  1. You have done so well and have come so far. We are all so proud of you x