A hopeful resurgence

Hi Everyone,

I realise it has been a while and if anyone is reading this then they will be thinking "here we go again, another attempt at a comeback" but I am actually hoping that it will stick this time.

In the last 6 months or so I have questioned if I really do have ME/CFS or not.  I know of a few people on Twitter and Facebook who have a much worse time of it than I do.  It often about this time when something hits me and I am floored for a week or so and really struggle with things.  I don't know if it is more wishful thinking than anything else.  I would love the day when I wake up full of energy and pain free, get into work and not have total mental blocks about what I am doing.  I know that I should be thankful that I can lead a fairly normal and active life but sometimes I just want that 1 day when everything is normal.

Since my last post, my oldest boy is now a school boy.  Seems like only 5 minutes ago when I was getting something from the chippy when Susan called to say that was her getting taking through to be induced.  I never did finish that sausage supper, if I knew I would no longer be able to eat Gluten then I would have savoured it more (or maybe not).  My youngest is now no longer in the terrible 2's.  He is in the terrible 3's instead.

Other than that my life is filled with PS3 gaming.  I am still pretty active with the guys from Frugal Gaming and it seems strange that it was only about 1 year ago when I played my first game on-line with them, I feel like some of them have been friends for many years.

The last part of my post will be dedicated to my wife Susan.  For every time I am on a low, she is always there to pick me back up.  Every time I can't take any more if the constant pain, she is there to offer help.  As I have said before, without her I would be an absolute mess.  


  1. Aww I'm in tears reading this. You are so brave and strong more than you realise. So many people would have given up but you keep going and live that normal life. I don't do anything you don't give back to me. Keep going and one day you'll beat it. I love you xx

  2. It takes a special strength of love to be as you both are together. Keep the appreciation up, it makes everything worth while, I hope that 'normal' day will come for you :)