Newcastle and what happened next

Hey all its been a tough couple of weeks for me.  The entire Rangers fiasco hasn't helped but it has mainly been my health.

At the start of February I went away on a boys trip to Newcastle.  It involved many hours of drinking, not a lot of sleeping, some football and lots of laughs with long time friends and guys I was meeting for the first time.  However the aftermath make me question if the entire trip was worth it.

The week that followed was full of early-to-beds trying to catch up with the sleep I had missed over the weekend.  This also helped me try and get rid of the alcohol and caffeine that was in my system. To be honest all things considering I actually felt ok.  However the weeks that followed, I can't say were as good.

 It all came to a head when I was out shopping with the family.  We were walking up the hill and I was pushing the buggy, it honestly felt like I was walking on the spot.  My body seemed to be going through the motion of walking but I didn't seem to be going anywhere.  We then had to get some food in for the house.  Fortunately at this point Lucas was pushing the trolley.

At this point after I got home I pretty much spent the rest of the weekend on the couch.  I am fortunate enough that in my job, when I get days like this I can work from home.  I ended up staying in bed most of the day for 3 days but every night after I had went down stairs I was met with this

It might not seem like much but these were the hardest 14 steps I have ever had to climb.  I had no strength in my legs, I could not get up one single stair without having to use arm strength and the bannister. Do you know how soul destroying that is?  As much as I was being told to not bother going down the stairs I still wanted to at some point. I wanted to go down the stairs to eat, I wanted to go down the stairs to see the boys when they got home.  I wanted my life to have that tiny bit of normality, that tiny bit that makes me feel like there something to fight for.  I don't want to end up being virtually bed ridden.  I know this might happen but I am going to try my hardest to make sure that if it does, it is going to have had a challenge getting me there.

I am happily starting to feel a little better now.  I am back at work, I can manage up the stairs (although I am trying to limit my trips)

Would I do the Newcastle trip again?? Hmmm its a tough one