Day off and a game of Golf

Well yesterday (Tuesday the 22nd of May), I managed to get a day off work.  Lucas had a play at school so I was going to watch that in the morning.  With the weather being nice I wanted to squeeze in a game of golf as it was a rare opportunity to get a game during the week.

The friend that I was meant to be playing with called off on the Monday, so I was left with the dilemma of should I go and play alone? Fortunately, plans changed again and we were back on.  We went to play Broadlees.  This is a 9 hole course which was good as it gave me the opportunity if I was too tired to just play 9.  However I went for the 18 anyway.  This was a nice wee course to play, although to be honest I don't really have much to compare it with.  It also made a difference being able to play in decent weather and not have to battle the rain.  Also for the first time I managed to score under 100.  For some this will be no big deal but it was to me.  I have been close to getting under 100 on a few occasions but always failed right at the end but this time I managed it with a 96.  I am sure its the new clubs.  My new challenge will be to consistently score under 100 now.

So back to my nearly dilemma of going out and playing golf on my own.  This was something I wasn't sure about.  I find golf a bit of a social thing.  Its good to be able to catch up with what's been going on with friends for the 3+ hours you are out.  However, it would appear that playing golf on your own is a fairly common thing.  Yesterday I noticed 2 different people playing on their own.  It seems that the thing to do is tee off with 1 ball and then when you are playing your approach to the green, it seems OK to hit a couple of balls.  I guess this is a good thing as it saves you from catching the group in front and also gives you the chance to try a few different shots.  I have to admit though that I am not so sure if playing alone would be something for me.

Anyway, I have got another game planned for Saturday.  Hopefully the good weather will remain.

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  1. Well done on getting under 100. I'm very proud of you x