Mmmmmm Pizza

It is the school October week in Scotland at the moment.  Although I am swamped under at work, I wanted to take a day off to spend time as a family.  Over the last few weekends and the next few coming up I have been working so I haven't spent that much time as a family.  Our plan was to take the boys to the cinema, visit the New Toys R Us that has opened and then maybe to go out for some dinner.

As some of you may know, for the last couple of years I have been on a Gluten Free diet to help with my M.E.  This can make eating out a little bit of a gamble at times.  We tend to stick to the same places, with me getting the same meals as I know they are safe.  Almost without fail, when we drive past Pizza Hut, the children always ask if they can go there for dinner.  We then have to explain that daddy can't eat anything from there and one day mummy will take them there.  Most of the time they understand, Lucas especially.  Who now asks if everything that I eat is Gluten free.

Well it was brought to my attention a couple of weeks back that Pizza Hut have started to do a Gluten Free pizza base.  Pizza is the one thing that I have truly missed.  I have had substitutes from various places but have to admit that they all lack something.  The base is always crunchy and a little hard.  Well this was the chance to try it out.

So as to avoid disappointment to the kids, I called ahead to see if the local Pizza Hut had GF bases.  I was assured that they did so dinner at Pizza Hut was on.  Before this we had a trip to Toys R Us to do, the boys obviously loved this but all I could think about was pizza.  So having spent the best part of 90 minutes making a list for Santa in Toys R Us it was time to go for dinner.  We then told the boys we were going to get pizza, they were excited about this and Lucas asked if it was now Gluten Free?  I told him it was and he gave me a big hug.

We arrived at the restaurant and given a booth to sit in, this was ideal as both boys wanted to sit beside me.  I then asked to double check that they had the GF bases, "yes we do" was the answer.  The server then went on to explain that they have adapted various things and if I decided what I wanted, she would double check to make sure that they were GF. It has been over 2 years so my knowledge on Pizza Hut was at a low but I quick skim through the menu and it came flooding back.  A meat feast for me, but wait it has a bbq sauce.  When we were asked about our order I asked the girl about the sauce, so she went and checked and to my surprise, came back to tell me it was also GF.  I was so excited, like the kids were in Toys r Us earlier.  So we ordered, helped the boys fill in there we quiz books and then the pizza's arrived.

Well as you can see for yourself, its square.  Not to worry its pizza right? Does it matter if its round, square or triangular?  At around this point, this is when I am usually let down.  The cheese and the toppings can't mask the crunchy and hard base, why would Pizza Hut be any different?  Well they were different, I am not sure how they managed it but the base actually tasted like a thin Italian base.  Susan had to tell me to slow down as I was eating like I had never been fed but it was so tasty.  I have also attached the picture of my plate at the end, pizza demolished.

At the end of the meal, the waitress came over and asked how I had found out about the GF bases.  I explained that I had found out through Twitter and that on an initial search of the web didn't show up very much.  I think that Pizza Hut could market this more and not leave it to like of Coeliac association and bloggers to market it for them.

Anyway, pizza was excellent and I will definitely be back again (and again and again).  Now if only they would do stuffed crust...


  1. So pleased you finally got your Pizza Hut pizza dream to come true :) xx

  2. Who would have thought GM pizza could sound so tasty and make a nice feel good story.