Need for Speed...Not my Most Wanted

As someone who doesn't really buy that many games in a year, I tend to think about my purchases carefully, or at the very least buy it if its popular with Frugal Gaming.  However this game was slightly different.

I really enjoyed playing NFS:HP. It was a game where, even with my poor driving skills, you still had a chance.  I should maybe have looked more into it but lots of my gaming buddies were buying it so it was a bit of an impulse buy.

A year on

Last night I was using my phone to take notes for Christmas presents for Susan.  I was skimming through my previous notes and I found one that was 358 days old.  It was a list of symptoms I was feeling around this time last year and the notes were for me to take to the doctors.

The note consisted of weakness, passing out, hip pain, unable to stand straight, tiredness and a weird one, my left hand being itchy.  So around a year has passed since then, so how are my symptoms now.  

Well the weakness is not so bad, I am by no mean strong but I at least have the strength to lift the boys.  

Passing out, this was a big one.  I used to pass out on a semi regular basis.  Nothing major but enough for me to be on the ground for a minute or so.  This no longer happens, at least I can't remember the last time it did.  

Hip pain, to be honest I don't think this will ever "go away".  I will be able to manage it but never get rid of it.  I have blogged about this before.  I have been on 2 different sets of pain killers. Gabapentin and pregabalin.  Both these had side effects that made me want to stop taking them.  Gabapentin caused hostility as the doctor put it and pregabalin made my weight balloon.  As you will see here I have a different way of coping with my hip pain now.  As the pain in my hip was the reason I couldn't really stand straight, this has also been managed better.

Tiredness will be something I will have to deal with forever I guess.  Some days I can't walk up my stairs and sometimes I am almost "normal".  I just need to know my limitations.  In general I am OK with this, although sometimes I find it tough that I can do things one week but then not the other.  However when I look at the recovery time I have to get back to a functioning state then that's what makes me realise that I need to be sensible.

So this is an update 1 year on.  I think I am in a better place than this time last year, both physically and mentally.  As always Susan has always been there for me whenever I am at a low and drags me back up when I need it.  My family and friends have also got a bit better understanding of how I am so I am also thankful of that.  Finally my work.  They have been understanding since day one.  I remember when I came back from the doctors last year and being told I had to rest when I needed it.  I explained this to my boss and he told me to do whatever I had to.  I'm allowed the flexibility to work from home if I have to and also give me a little bit of leeway when my brain is a bit scattered