Need for Speed...Not my Most Wanted

As someone who doesn't really buy that many games in a year, I tend to think about my purchases carefully, or at the very least buy it if its popular with Frugal Gaming.  However this game was slightly different.

I really enjoyed playing NFS:HP. It was a game where, even with my poor driving skills, you still had a chance.  I should maybe have looked more into it but lots of my gaming buddies were buying it so it was a bit of an impulse buy.

My first impression of this game, after I had to wait around 5 minutes on the startup, was that it looked sharp.  As someone who doesn't actually bother about the aesthetics of a game this looked good.  Music is also something that doesn't bother me either but this again seemed to have enough to keep people happy.

The cars are all real cars.  Its Aston Martins, not Ashton Martian. BMW not PMW.  I know this might not matter to some people but it matters to me.

Now down to the game play.  I hate it, there is no way I can sugar coat this.  As I'd never played Burnout Paradise, I cannot comment on its similarities, but I heard that there are many.  What I would liken it to is when you have to do a car mission on GTA IV. You have to follow a track with "checkpoints".  Given that its an open world race game, there is the chance for you to go wildly off course, which basically puts you out of the race.  I find it distracting that I have to keep an eye on the map in the lower left.  There are other game types like get all the other players to drive and park somewhere for 20 seconds (This is not a joke).  Then there is as I see it the complete and utter randomness of the crashes within the game.  I can be driving at low speed and clip a bollard and I am wiped out.  Sometimes I can drive almost at full speed into an oncoming car and I will almost just brush off them and continue. It all seems a little too casual

I think my now poor opinion of this game has been brought about because I was expecting something more like Hot Pursuit and it couldn't be more different.  If you are a fan of Burnout Paradise then you will no doubt love this but its not for me.  I will be trading this in at the first chance I get to pick up Halo 4.

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