Stuck between being a coach and being a proud dad.

EK Stars is the football team that I help coach and both Lucas and Tyler play with.

On Saturday it was the teams first time going to play in the fun 4's.  This is basically small sided football games (4 a side) where the kids just have fun and play some football.  Lucas just makes it into team, if he was born a couple of weeks later he would have been one of the oldest in next years age group but instead he is one of the youngest in his.  This does not stop him in the slightest though and he gives it his all.

So after we arrived in Saturday we split the 12 kids into 2 teams of 6.  I took the group that Lucas was in, this was never going to be any other way.  There is no way I would have missed my boy playing in his first proper organised game.  So the games kicked off and the kids all got stuck in and tried their best.  They all really seemed to enjoy it.  Some of the kids have been coming to training for a couple of years so them being able to play in games was worth it.

So in the last game came my dilemma.  Lucas was playing and playing well.  Then he scored a goal.  I was so proud, he was over the moon, really excited to score a goal.  I was on the verge of tears.  However as the coach I had to get the team back and ready to continue the game.  This was not what I wanted to do, I wanted to join in his (and his team mates) celebration, I wanted to run up to him and throw him in the air but I couldn't.  This was the real downside to being a coach.  He went on and scored another goal and I was happy to see that he was just as delighted and that I was just as proud.

I don't think either Lucas or I will ever get tired of him scoring goal and one day I will run on and join in the celebrations.

Being a buddy

Lucas has been going to Taekwondo now for about a year.  He has been to 2 gradings and is about to go to become Green Tags, he really does seem to enjoy it though which is good.

However in recent weeks a seed seems to have been planted in his head.  It started just after Christmas.  I used to stay in his class every other week, just to see how he was getting on.  When he first started this wasn't allowed but that had been relaxed.  One of the weeks when I was in the class, the instructor had mentioned that if anyone knew of anyone else that would like to come then they were more than welcome and this included any of the adults.  Well the idea of this made Lucas's face light up, I however was not so keen.  The idea of a fully grown adult at the back of the class with 5 year olds just seemed a little weird to me and also seems highly amusing to the other parents of the children I have mentioned it to..  Over the last couple of weeks, they have now been given a letter with an incentive if they bring along a "buddy" to join.  Lucas is adamant that this is going to be me.  

In my head I realise that I am not going to join him at Taekwondo.  In my heart though the idea of letting him down makes me pretty upset.  Would I be letting him down?  Is he just picking me as I am there when they mention it to him.  He wants me to join so he can get a focus pad, should I just buy him one in lieu of me not going.  At time this parenting malarky isn't easy.

So who knows maybe in the next few weeks the class will have a couple of new starts, a few 5 year olds and a 35 year old

My Family

After my last blog I made a decision that I would now blog about my family.  I am not sure how long this will last but I will give it a go.

As some of you know we are now a family of 5, with my daughter being born back in the 22nd of January.  This was an exciting time for us all.  Another chance for Lucas to be a big brother and Tyler being a big brother for the first time. Parenting was something that didn't come that natural to me, which I find a bit surprising.  When I around 16/17 I used to baby sit a fair bit my nephew when he was a baby and didn't find it that difficult or stressful.  I guess the additional pressure of work and a home adds to that.  Now 6 years on I feel I have grown into the task.

Lucas, who is 6, is football daft at the moment.  He would spend all day every day doing something which involved football.  He would play football, kick a football in the house, look at all his football cards, play Fifa on the PS3 or DS.  His least favourite is actually watching football on the TV.  

Tyler, our 4 year old, pretty much does whatever his older brother does, he literally idolises him, which is great.  At times he just sits and watches Lucas playing games on the DS.  With him wanting to be just like his big brother, he has just started playing football too.  Although it takes him a little more time to get involved, he seems to be loving it.

This pretty much is a introduction to my family.  I will be blogging about them more in the future.


Hi all,

Its been a while since I have posted.  Some of you may know that I have had another baby (well not me personally but you know what I mean) and she is now 4 weeks old.  Well over the last few days I have been thinking about putting a blog post up but to be honest I was unsure of what to put in it.

When I first started this blog it was to get an outlet for my M.E.  It was so family members and friends could see what I was putting up with everyday and hopefully give them a little bit of an insight on what was going on.  I then tried to update when I found anything useful that had helped me but once I had dealt with the Gluten Free thing there was nothing much else.  Last year I tried to do a rediscovery or the blog.  I was planning on writing about my 2 pastimes gaming and golf.  Golf was just something that I was getting back into and was super enthusiastic about it.  Gaming was something that I had done at least 3 times a week for the best part of 2 years with the good guys over at Frugal Gaming.

At the moment I am at a junction, both in life and with this blog I guess.  My M.E. is as under control as it has ever been.  Between being on a Gluten Free diet and also finding the alternative to pain meds everything is working for me at the moment.  I am still going to try and play golf this year but I am nowhere near as enthused as last year.  Finally my gaming.  This is maybe what saddens me the most.  I have enjoyed playing with mostly the same group of guys for a few years.  It would be easy for me to say that I don't have the time with having a baby but to be honest that is not really true.  I probably have the same couple of hours per night that I had before.  Its not gaming burnout that we have all suffered from at some point.  It seems that I have just lost my passion at the moment for everything that is not my family.

So at this point I have decided that my blog will take another twist (are you bored of this yet) and it will include more about my family.  I am sure it will have the occasional thing about golf, gaming and M.E. but it will be focused on my family life rather than anything else.

So here is to something new, catch you all on the other side