Being a buddy

Lucas has been going to Taekwondo now for about a year.  He has been to 2 gradings and is about to go to become Green Tags, he really does seem to enjoy it though which is good.

However in recent weeks a seed seems to have been planted in his head.  It started just after Christmas.  I used to stay in his class every other week, just to see how he was getting on.  When he first started this wasn't allowed but that had been relaxed.  One of the weeks when I was in the class, the instructor had mentioned that if anyone knew of anyone else that would like to come then they were more than welcome and this included any of the adults.  Well the idea of this made Lucas's face light up, I however was not so keen.  The idea of a fully grown adult at the back of the class with 5 year olds just seemed a little weird to me and also seems highly amusing to the other parents of the children I have mentioned it to..  Over the last couple of weeks, they have now been given a letter with an incentive if they bring along a "buddy" to join.  Lucas is adamant that this is going to be me.  

In my head I realise that I am not going to join him at Taekwondo.  In my heart though the idea of letting him down makes me pretty upset.  Would I be letting him down?  Is he just picking me as I am there when they mention it to him.  He wants me to join so he can get a focus pad, should I just buy him one in lieu of me not going.  At time this parenting malarky isn't easy.

So who knows maybe in the next few weeks the class will have a couple of new starts, a few 5 year olds and a 35 year old

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